Match Report: Round 9

Kicking off the weekend's action was our Second Grade Women's team, who took on the Tuggeranong Hawks on Friday night at Kingston Oval. In a hard-fought match, the team put in a strong effort against the Hawks, leaving them scoreless for the final two quarters, but ultimately went down 1.8.14 to the Hawks' 3.0.18. Kate Wheaton delivered the team's only goal for the night, securing herself a spot among the game's best players.

Goal Kickers: K. Wheaton Best Players: K. Wheaton, H. Duncan, J. Stabler, C. Gordon, H. Farleigh, Z. Langtry

On Saturday morning, the Rising Stars Men got the day off to a great start with a solid win over Ainslie at Alan Ray Oval. Logan Muir and Thomas Kennealy kicked three and two goals respectively, and these combined with best-player performances from Liam Thompson and Rohan Hosking saw the Rising Stars bring home the win: 9.10.64 to Ainslie's 4.8.32.

Goal Kickers: L. Muir 3, T. Kennealy 2, R. Hawke 2, L. Ayres, B. O''Dea Best Players: L. Thompson , R. Hosking, L. Muir, Y. Byrne, N. Budd, S. Roberts

Building on the Rising Stars' success, the Second Grade Men also brought home a convincing win at Alan Ray Oval over the Ainsle Tricolours. A massive five-goal game from Patrick Sharp landed him among the game's best performances, alongside John Cunningham with one goal. Michael McCormack also had a big day with a three-goal performance. Final score: 12.8.80 to 8.4.52

Goal Kickers: P. Sharp 5, M. McCormack 3, J. Kerin 2, J. Cunningham, J. Edwards Best Players: J. Cunningham, P. Sharp, B. Perkins, M. Scott, E. Norton

The First Grade Men got off to a rought start at Alan Ray Oval, with Ainslie kicking the first three goals to lead 22 to 0 at the end of the of the first quarter. Ainslie maintained a strong lead throughout the entire match, eventually taking out the win: 17.14.116 to 8.7.55. Dean Biermann and Daniel Potts were named among the best players of the match, scoring three goals between them. Mitch Frail and Alex Wilson each played their 100th game, while Jesse Sands and Alexei Mole made their First Grade debut. Goal Kickers: D. Biermann 2, D. Potts, J. Roberts, M. Pert, M. Frail, B. McGinness, A. Mole Best Players: J. Roberts, B. McGinness, B. Cunningham, N. Anderson, D. Biermann, D. Potts

Rounding out the weekend, the First Grade Women's team finished on a high with a win over Ainslie at Alan Ray Oval. Keeping the Tricolours scoreless in the first two quarters, the First Grade Women maintained the lead for the entire match. Two goals from Tanya Taylor saw her earn a best-goal performance alongside Caela Welsh with one goal. Final score: 5.7.37 to 2.3.15.

Goal Kickers: T. Taylor 2, G. Gray, G. Winter, C. Welsh Best Players: C. Welsh, S. Ajani, M. McLaughlin, T. Wilkinson-Shore, A. Schoo


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